This is a special edition of the SEA Newsletter – Part 2 of a 5 part series dedicated to showcasing the 2012 Aerospace & Defense Supply Chain Award Finalists. Suppliers were nominated in recognition of their performance and investment in continuous improvement. Applications were reviewed and scored by an independent panel of judges, then all scores were combined and final selections were made through a consensus meeting. The Judges are retired aerospace and defense industry executives representing the SCORE organization that is co-sponsored by the U.S. Small Business Administration.

Workforce Development Award Finalists
Applicants under this category had to show progress in setting up a workforce development system within their organization by describing how job skills training and certification is accomplished, how processes are linked to key priorities for improvement, how cross training is accomplished and how internal trainers are maintained and expanded. Finalists are among the few and the rare breed of suppliers who have distinguished themselves by making an uncommon investment in improvement. In many cases the difference between the announced winners and finalists is very small.


Hixson Metal Finishing, Newport Beach, CA
Hixson Metal Finishing is a premier processor of steel, stainless steel, aluminum, bronze, brass and copper parts and components as well as their associated alloys for the military, defense, aerospace, and commercial aircraft industries. Hixson provides a wide array of finishing processes to beautify, protect, and enhance the performance of forged, cast, and machined parts.


MPC Industries, Irvine, CA
MPC Industries is a precision grinding and polishing company serving the aerospace, medical and various other industries for over 50 years providing a high quality flat sheet/plate precision grinding and flat sheet/formed parts polishing.


TSI Plastics, Minneapolis, MN
TSI Plastics is a provider of non-metallic parts and assemblies to the aerospace, defense and industrial products industries. We produce parts using various manufacturing processes including, injection and compression molding, rotational molding, thermoforming, CNC milling and turning, die cutting and punching. We have complete secondary operation solutions including mechanical assembly, bonding, riveting, painting and silk screening.


National Technical Systems (NTS), Calabasas, CA
NTS is a leading provider of engineering services to the aerospace, defense, telecommunication, automotive and high technology markets. Through a world-wide network of resources, NTS provides full product life-cycle support, offering world class design engineering, compliance, testing, certification, quality registration and program management.

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New Associate Membership
The new ASSOCIATE membership is an "individual" membership and it is designed to provide individuals with the opportunity to join SEA, and explore ways in which their company can implement the roadmap by attending webcasts, briefings, conferences and Process Owner Forums to learn and collaborate with other suppliers. This package includes a number of webcasts designed to support a supplier's implementation of the SEA Roadmap. Membership for individuals associated with the aerospace and defense industry. Click HERE to request more information.

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PNAA 2013 Aerospace Conference - February 12-14 in Lynnwood, WA
PNAA’s Aerospace Conference is the largest commercial aerospace conference of its kind in the Pacific Northwest and the second largest of its kind in the U.S. It is specially geared toward supply chain issues and the small and mid-sized suppliers. The 2013 conference will include a full day devoted to airlines and MRO business, as well as commercial aerospace days and an expanded Supplier’s Fair. Expect to hear top-notch speakers addressing timely topics for the Pacific Northwest supply chain. PNAA’s conference is a global event attracting registrants from the United States and around the world. In 2012, 330 attendees represented nearly 200 aerospace companies. Get More Information on PNAA 2013

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