SEA - Supplier Excellence Alliance

“What People Are Saying About the SEA Site Visit Program”

Benchmarking is the process of comparing one's business processes and performance metrics to industry bests or best practices from other industries.

The Benchmarking Site Visits program is an important part of SEA's collaboration value stream. SEA members connect and share their results and lessons learned while implementing continuous improvement and the SEA Roadmap. This process ensures that the collective learning benefits all members, thus accelerating the rate of learning and improvement!

What was of most value for you in attending this site visit?

  • Seeing where we can use [supplier] in ways we had not thought of before
  • Process benchmarking, being able to benchmark another site
  • To learn more about [supplier’s] implementation of an operational excellence program assisted by SEA.
  • Seeing the results of strong leadership and strong processes.
  • To see a mature implementation of lean in the metal finishing industry.

What evidence did you see that [supplier] was building a strong foundation for ongoing improvement?

  • Passion from [president] and a buy-in from his team.
  • Great leadership, employee empowerment and commitment to on-going improvement and customer satisfaction.
  • Metrics showing year-over-year improvements.
  • Communication boards, cleanliness, data.

How likely do you believe it will be that [supplier] continues to improve operational performance? Why?

  • [supplier] will continue to improve, because the hard part appears to be done. Their roadmap was well thought out and seems to be working and now it’s just a matter of sustaining their hard work and building upon their momentum.
  • Very likely. Strong leadership, persistence, training, and enthusiasm.
  • Everyone is committed, focused and enjoying the atmosphere created as a result of having made the improvements to date.

What were your overall impressions of the site visit?

  • Very good. Interesting results and a well-organized event.
  • Excellent presentation, tour, and Q&A session. [Supplier] made us feel very welcome and SEA put on a great presentation as well. Very impressed with all!
  • Motivated, positive work environment

Other Comments:

  • [customer] adopted SEA years ago and is supported by our leadership along with several of our suppliers. While being an AS9100 shop or an active member of SEA does not guarantee a Lean operation, I believe SEA does more for implementing operational efficiencies in Aerospace than an AS9100 certificate can.