SEA - Supplier Excellence Alliance

SEA Certification can consist of two steps. First the self-assessment where you can determine where you are today, and second, the on-site audit where you have a certified examiner perform a 3-day on-site audit to certify your company using the SEA Roadmap. There is no additional cost to members for SEA’s assistance with self-assessment and preparation activities. The biennial audit is $12,000 and the annual surveillance audit is $7,900.

If you are just getting started and wish to participate in a guided online self-assessment led by a SEA staff member, then email to us and we will schedule a session with your team.

If you believe you are ready for certification and just want to get SEA’s help to do one last self-assessment run through, just email to us and we’ll schedule an online assessment session. You are required to submit your Business Results Worksheet prior to scheduling an audit.

If you are preparing for the Onsite Audit, then we suggest you use the items under "On-Site Audit Preparation" to help you prepare for the audit. For scheduling of onsite audit, please email to us. Your assigned examiner will contact you and provide more detailed scheduling information.

documents below to get started with the SEA Certification.

  Self-Assessment Preparation
Process Maturity Checklist
New Forward
SEA Roadmap
SEA Criteria
AS9100 and the SEA Roadmap
Baldrige and the SEA Roadmap
  On-site Audit Preparation
Business Results Worksheet
Instructions for Onsite Audit.pdf    or    Instructions for Onsite Audit.doc