SEA - Supplier Excellence Alliance
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0 Getting Started with SEA PDF PPS ZIP
1 LES for Managers PDF PPT  
2 Annual Improvement Plan PDF PPS ZIP
3 Assign Process Owners PDF PPS ZIP
4 Roadmap Process Owner PDF PPS ZIP
5 Process Owner Forum MORE INFO  
6 How to Prepare the Quarterly Report PDF PPS ZIP
7 Value Stream Mapping PDF PPS ZIP
8 Managed Process Owner PDF PPS ZIP
9 Master Trainer PDF PPS  
10 Kaizen Leader PDF PPS  
11 Supply Chain Integration PDF PPS  
12 Preparing for the SEA Site Visit PDF PPS ZIP

To schedule your participation in the webcast series, please contact our project manager by emailing

What do I need to participate in the SEA implementation program?
A computer of any type that is connected to the internet via T1 or DSL line, a telephone, and a quiet room or office.