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Award Description

The Customer of the Year Award – This award recognizes companies for their outstanding examples of partnering behaviors that make the entire supplier chain work more effectively.

This sculpture-award was designed to capture the artistry of flight while celebrating key success stories in the history of aviation.  The industry's rich heritage is symbolized with the solid mica painted 1/72 scale DC-3. The swirled solid pewter upright that the DC-3 rests upon communicates the ascent of modern aviation.  


Richard Hall Award for Leadership Excellence
– This award honors the leaders in the aerospace & defense industry named in honor of one of the SEA founding members.
This sculpture-award was created to symbolize strong purposeful leadership in aviation. The soaring solid pewter silver eagle gracefully overlooks a solid crystal pyramid representing structure and order as found in the SEA Process Maturity Model.

Supplier Awards:
The Stephen E. Barton Leadership & Culture Award
recognizes companies for their commitment to development of excellence in leadership processes.
The Operational Excellence Award
recognizes companies for their outstanding commitment to building excellent operational processes.
The Workforce Development Award recognizes companies for their outstanding commitment to the development of an excellent workforce.
The Most Improved Award recognizes companies that have committed themselves to a high rate of continuous improvement.
Supply Chain Innovation Award recognizes those companies who have shown exceptional innovation in their solutions to improving their performance to their customers.

This solid pewter sculpture award signifies the achievement of teamwork in aviation. The pewter DC-3 is symbolic of success in aviation and is lifted aloft by a team of three, working together towards a common goal, representing the three tracks of the SEA Lean Enterprise System.

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