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Award Nominations
Nominations are open to suppliers whether they are a member of SEA or not. You may nominate your customers, suppliers, and your own company. Nominations will open on February 15, 2012.

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2012 Awards Chairman
Vice President, Strategic Sourcing, BAE Systems, Inc.
Customer Advisory Council, SEA


Award Applications
Companies nominated must submit a completed application by the application deadline. If you have been notified by the SEA office that you or your company have been nominated for one of these awards, download the award application and submit according to the directions on the application. Award Applications are now OPEN. Applications will close on Application deadline is September 21, 2012.


Award Process
An independent Panel of Judges will review all submitted applications by September 24, 2012 and announce Semi-Finalists. Panel of Judges will independently review and score each application and hold a consensus meeting to make their final selections. Winners will be announced at the Awards Gala. 2011 Awards Conference and Gala Program

Award Categories
Awards will be presented in the categories listed below.
SEA Stephen E. Barton Leadership & Culture Award
Download Application Form          

Describes how the company organizes and accomplishes its strategic planning
Describes how senior leaders communicate and reinforce company direction
Describes how senior leaders review organizational performance
Describes how senior leaders select improvement priorities and review improvement initiatives

SEA Workforce Development Award Download Application Form           
Describes how job skills training and certification is accomplished
Describes how processes are linked to key priorities for improvement
Describes how cross-training is accomplished
Describes how internal trainers are maintained and expanded

SEA Operational Excellence Award Download Application Form           
Describes how company sets and reviews priorities for Kaizen events
Describes how company ensures effective deployment of 6S Visual Workplace strategies for workplace organization
Describes how company continually reduces changeover and setup times
Describes how company focuses on improving material management in support of lean and flow manufacturing objectives

SEA Performance Award: Most Improved Download Application Form          
Describes how company demonstrates improvement in the following metrics over the past 12-month period:
Inventory Turns
Revenue per Employee
On-Time Delivery
Defects Per Million Opportunities

SEA Supply Chain Innovation Award Download Application Form           
Describes how company integrates its supply chain into its planning and improvement processes
Describes how a joint supplier team values streams its current state base on real data for delivery, quality, and cost
Describes the action plan developed and deployed for break-through strategies and goals
Describes how company collaborates with other suppliers to ensure success of their respective customers

SEA Customer of the Year Award Download Application Form           
Describes how company builds and values relationships
Describes how company builds partnerships and alliances with suppliers to form a competitive advantage
Describes how company measures its supplier relationships to ensure supplier retention
Describes how company receives formal and informal feedback from suppliers

SEA Richard Hall Award for Leadership Excellence
Download Application Form       
The individual recipient of this prestigious award is presented to the person who demonstrates some or all of the following characteristics:
Inspires and motivates
Communicates commitment through word and action
Demonstrates high ethical standards
Demonstrates effective company and industry leadership


Nomination Forms

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