April 2010  


Benchmarking from Your Laptop! What if you could spend one hour and never leave your office while you listened to suppliers present their experience in implementing each process of the SEA Roadmap? What would it be worth to you to spend an hour and gain a wealth of information and best practices?

Well you can find out...just use our DAY PASS – pick the session you would like to attend here and then click on the “sign up” link and register. There will be no cost and you’ll receive the information you need to participation by phone and webcast. Just have your computer in front of you and you’ll be amazed at the value you can receive in one hour.

Our DAY PASS is for Basic members who do not currently subscribe to the Process Owner Forums.

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On March 5, 2010, a dedication ceremony at Kirkhill honored our dear departed friend, Steve Barton. The statue is a permanent feature on the grounds of Kirkhill, Brea facility. It is titled, “Timeless.”


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––– ABOUT SEA –––

Did you know…?  
SEA is an unprecedented aerospace and defense alliance led by sub-tier suppliers committed to accelerating supply chain performance. SEA is a non-profit 501c6 funded by supplier memberships and sponsorships that provides...

  • a proven turnkey system for supplier development targeted to mid-tier aerospace and defense customers.
  • a platform for supplier visibility, performance improvement and collaboration.
  • an industry voice for suppliers on issues affecting supply chain performance.

SEA partners and alliances include Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME), National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA), International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG), Society of British Aerospace Companies (SBAC), and California Space Authority.

Contact Information

For further information and answers to your questions about SEA, please contact:
2062 Business Center Drive, Suite 225, Irvine, CA 92612

SEA Website

Main telephone: (949) 476-1144

Executive Director
: Mickey Wiebe, Ext 307
Director, Operations: Hilda Pacheco-Taylor, Ext 316
Director, Small Business: David Blanco, Ext 334
Director, Outreach: Kimberly Hawkins, Ext 332
Director, Sponsorships: Robert Crosby, Ext 339
Outreach Representative: Keba Parker, Ext 362
Other Important Links

What’s New on the SEA Website?
Miss some important news? Here are the most recent additions to the SEA Website:
Check out our new EVENTS TAB where you can access the following information:
CEO Conferences*
(for everyone) Suppliers share their success stories and collaborate on integrated supply chain projects.
Supplier Benchmark Site Visits (for non-members) Non-SEA suppliers visit benchmark sites and determine how best to participate in SEA.
Process Owner Forums** (for members only) Process Owners study best practices and compare notes on implementation of the SEA LES.
Webcasts (for members only) Members learn how to prepare a quarterly report, how to implement the roadmap, and how to prepare for SEA certification.
Certification Workshops* (for everyone) Members and Qualified Associates learn to implement the SEA Lean Enterprise System.
*fees apply        ** subscription required

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"The Road to Cash"
June 15 - 16, 2010


Supply Chain Summit Reception and Conference
Event Location:
Hyatt Regency Woodfield-Schaumburg, Schaumburg, IL

About the Conference
How can you produce more cash in this sluggish economy? How are supplier companies just like yours doing that? SEA members and guests will focus on strategies for improving cashflow and profitability. We will participate in our 3rd Supply Chain Summit, a lively panel discussion involving customers and suppliers that changes our thinking and our strategies for success. We’ll hear progress reports, “Keynotes” from suppliers on the bleeding edge of change, and customer presentations that help chart the road ahead. What is the road to better financial performance? Let’s explore these questions together.

Who Should Attend

  • CEOs, company owners, presidents and operations senior leaders.
  • Senior supplier development, management and procurement professionals from tier-one and tier-two organizations.


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Awards Conference and Gala Dinner
November 16 - 18
Hyatt Grand Champions, Indian Wells, CA

The 2010 award process
has begun!

Nominations opened on March 1, 2010
and are open to suppliers whether a member of SEA or not. You are encouraged to nominate your customers, suppliers, and your own company. Nominations will CLOSE on August 12, 2010.
Download Nomination Form
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Date: April 20 - 22, 2010
Event: Composites Manufacturing 2010
Event Location:
San Diego Marriott Mission Valley
San Diego CA USA


The SEA Supply Chain Summits are an ongoing dialogue between customers and suppliers about changes in the supply chain and how these are impacting suppliers across the country. CEOs and owners are making strategic decisions about their companies in these sessions. You cannot underestimate the impact when customers and suppliers get together to discuss the real issues in the supply chain.
SEA held its second very successful Supply Chain Summit on February 16, 2010. A panel made up of prime and tier-one representatives and suppliers engaged in candid discussion on Redundant Audits and Scorecards.  
Don’t miss the next Supply Chain Summit on June 15, 2010 in Schaumburg, IL. You’re “flying blind” if you don’t attend these summits. Members only please.

Supply Chain Summit Videos Link


"We’re just suppliers… Like you... Proud of our companies… Committed to Excellence

The “Keynote” format relies on results and improvement track records. SEA suppliers are a very different breed - they’re sophisticated, they understand process management, they speak the language of process – and they have something to teach us about improvement.

Our Keynote strategy is generating a lot of “buzz” and “energy” as the SEA and the SEA Supplier brand means excellence to everyone in the industry. A total of five suppliers presented their Keynotes in the last conference – their presentations are posted on the SEA YouTube Channel.


Make the most out of your SEA Membership! Conferences and Supply Chain Summits provide many opportunities to learn from and collaborate with other SEA Suppliers. Most of the SEA conferences and Summits are designed to support executive level and owner interaction. There are also a number of FREE webcasts you and your staff can participate in from the comfort of your own desk! See list below for a description of the various webcasts available. Go to the Webcasts Link to sign up!

Joining SEA Webcast - This webcast for suppliers will quickly show you how to you can improve performance, increases visibility, and capture more business in the aerospace and defense industry.

SEA Nuts & Bolts Webcast - Nuts & Bolts will focus on how the SEA program for supplier excellence works. What is the SEA Supplier brand? How does the roadmap work? How does the process maturity model work? How does the quarterly report, certification, and awards program work? How can I get on the Supplier Registry and what resources are available to help?

LES for Managers Webcast - Learn how to implement the SEA roadmap with an overview of the quarterly report and certification requirements.

Guided Self-Assessment Webcast - Assess your company against the SEA Roadmap and quickly complete a gap analysis and action plan.

How to Prepare Quarterly Reports Webcast - Learn to setup the data collection required and how to pass the examination process for this important SEA process that leads to “Performing” status with significant visibility implications.

How to Prepare for SEA Certification Webcast - Learn to prepare for the SEA certification audit – what the auditor is looking for and how to complete a final audit.

New Business Development With SEA Webcast - How to build visibility and capture new business in a declining market. Learn about the secrets that make your company more competitive, more visible, and win more market share while others think it’s impossible.

Roadmap Process Owner - This webcast is for process owners of roadmap processes and provides a basic description of the tasks necessary to achieve SEA certification.

SEA is the premiere supply chain organization for the aerospace and defense supply chain. We’re in our 7th year and we’re a group of suppliers who have taken charge of our destiny and we're helping our members to meet three important needs:

  • Increasing performance by following a step-by-step process called the roadmap designed for small companies from 10 to 500 employees.
  • Increasing visibility and creating opportunities for new business by using the SEA Supplier brand to distinguish ourselves to our peers and customers.
  • Increasing collaboration to work on what our customers really want - an integrated supply chain where we work together to solve industry and customer problems.

We invite you to join SEA today.
Let’s work together to build a competitive aerospace and defense supply chain!

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